Use Easter celebration to renew your faith in God-Christians told

source By:Kwame Assey

The spiritual leader of the Brotherhood Church Worldwide, Primate S. K. Adofo has urged Ghanaians to use the celebration of Easter to renew their faith in Jesus Christ who is the savior of mankind. He said,God is a principle God who needs not to be mocked and that, we shall be judged according to our acts. Primate Adofo told this paper that, everything shows that Jesus Christ’s second coming is very near. According to him, during the time of  Noah men drank and seriously enjoyed themselves but oblivious to the warnings of the Lord as they were perished by the flood. He said, this is repeating on the current generation as people refuse to heed to the advice and warnings of Jesus Christ. He thanked God for prevailing peace in Ghana irrespective of tribal, political and religious differences. The church had embarked on clean up exercise in and around the church as part of her Easter celebration. He explained that, cleanliness is next to Godliness and that the church will not wait for the zoomlion. He said, he sees this exercise as part of their social responsibilities to reduce the upsurge of malaria cases. The church also embarked on Passion Weekwhere Bible teachings were the main motive.

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