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By:Kofi Owusu

The former Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), A. S. Osei Yaw has stated that it does not make sense for the government to give 39 billion old CEDI’s to an Indian company to supply Ghana with condoms. He said, both NPP and NDC have disappointed Ghanaians all because they have failed to tackle the basic needs which are the necessity for development. He told this paper that, controlling HIV/Aids spread has nothing to do with taken huge amount of state funds to import condoms but is a matter of engaging the youth with education on the dangers associated with the pandemic. According to him, importing condoms creates the impressions that the youth are granted the permission to engaging in sexual activity. He said, such monies could be used to cushion the collapsed National Health Insurance which the NPP promised to make it attractive in opposition era. Mr. Osei Yaw said, some hospitals too in the country needs additional equipment to cater for the Innocent patients. He said, importing condoms do not come near priorities of Ghanaians as there are so many pressing issues that must be addressed. The priorities, he said include addressing unemployment, addressing water shortage in some part of the country, poor roads leading to accidents, insecurity and others. Mr. Osei Yaw cautioned the government to sometimes solicit the views of Ghanaians before implementing some policies.

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