Shun fake pastors-Aps.Braimah warns Ghanaians

Бодрум купить кокаин, амф бошка меф и ск By: Kofi Owusu

The General Overseer of the Caravan of Prayer Outreach Ministry at Gyinyase within Asokwa Municipal of Ashanti, Apostle Johnson Ackah Braimah has cautioned Ghanaians to be vigilance about the activities of fake pastors who claimed to be the followers of Christ. According to Apostle Braimah, these fake pastors in order to enrich themselves have turned their church premises into business squares which is not enshrined in the Holy Bible. He told this paper that celebration of Easter that, these pastors are now turning their churches into visa acquiring areas, selling of water and oil among others which Jesus Christ never did. He said, he is not surprised about them as the Bible has already prophesied on them that when the world is getting to an end, this would be one of the signs. He explained that ,the only thing we can do in order not to become victims is to read and read the Bible well and seek clear interpretations from genuine men of God especially in the most difficult parts. “I sometimes ask myself where these pastors are rushing to. Even the Bible says what would be a profit to a man if he gains the whole world and loose his life”, he added. Apostle Braimah said the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ has accomplished everything therefore if we believe in Him (Jesus) as our personal savior, everything would be done unto us unconditionally. He said, Jesus Christ did not take it easy when he came to save mankind notably among them is severe beatings preceding crucifixion. He said, even on the cross, He was still pleading for us.  According to him, this shows that Jesus is a forgiver, loving, humble which every Christian must emulate. On the youth, Apostle Braimah charged them to desist from using Easter as an occasion of jolly making one. He said, the youth have taken the advantage of the occasion to engage in activities that are not in accordance with the Bible.He cited acts like smoking, stealing, careless driving and sexual promiscuity.

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