The Chief Imam of Alabar in Kumasi, Sheikh Lamin Ibrahim has charged Leaders of the country, particularly NPP, NDC to stop using the youth especially so called ‘Vigilante Group’ to cause troubles in the country. He said Ghana is a peaceful nation which must be maintained.He charged the youth to be very vigilant and desist from allowing themselves to be use by politicians to foment violence.

Sheikh Ibrahim disclosed this in an interview with the New Trust Newspaper on the recent political violence, kidnapping and robberies in the country.

According to him, the springing up of this Vigilante groups within the two parties is a serious threat to our democracy which all must help to put a stop to such canker. “This vigilante groups must be arrested and prosecuted irrespective of government in power” he added.

He said it is very sad to see these vigilantes beat up innocent people and some also issuing treat without being arrested by the security personnel. “What happened at the just ended bye election at Ayawaso is a clear indication that the security situation in the country is very weak” he said.

He also charged the government to allow the security agencies to work devoid of any interference their activities.

Sheikh Ibrahim urged some of the security men who have been influenced by money from bypoliticians to support violence to stop and do their work professionally always to ensure peace and justice in the country.

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According to him security of every country should be seen as supreme tool to achieve it aspiration agenda and if Ghana is toying with it there is no way  we can achieve it.

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