Teachers Licensing exams is Good Idea but…Isaac NKansah raises red flag

The Administrator of New Life International School at Kronum Kwapra in the Suame Municipality, Mr. Isaac Nkansah has stated that, he supports the decision by the National Teaching Council on teacher licensing exams in order to ensure the quality of teachers needed in classrooms is not compromised. He said he is not against it, because it is laudable idea but the situation will bring problems in the schools and also create unemployment in the country. Adding that,there are a lot of teachers in the schools who don’t have any educational background but rather pursued business management, commerce, fashion etc who are very good in teaching in classroom.

“I am calling on the national Council to take a second look at it in order not to bring any future occurrences” he added.

Mr. Isaac Nkansah disclosed this in an interview with the New trust Newspaper in response to the release by the National Teaching Council on compulsory Teachers and Nurses Licensed exams before they practice.

 He suggested that, the authorities can extend the licensing exams to five years for those people who don’t have educational background but have interest in teaching.This, he said  can enable them get access to do education during teaching particularly in private schools.

 He said private schools in the country are doing well in our educational system  hence appealed to the government to assist them with educational materials as he promised to support the private sector thrive in the country.

He also urged the government to reduce high taxes imposed on private schools. Adding that, Ghana education would continue to witness lapses if government fails to recognize and collaborate with private schools to achieve it laid down objectives for education.

He charged parents to pay much attention on their wards education and desist from using it to buy expensive clothes. He also urged the youth to stay away from indecent dressing and focus on their education.

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