The New Trust Newspaper has gathered that, all is not well with the residents of Oti especially residents near the Oti Land fill site under the Asokwa Municipality which is still being managed by Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA). According to aggrieved residents, they cannot fathom why the KMA is still managing the Oti Landfill which is under Asokwa and has failed to manage the site well leading to uncontrollable odor. According to them, for the past three years, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly(KMA) has failed to fumigate the site causing bad odour.

This paper has gathered that, the Environmental Department of Asokwa Municipal Assembly has been inundated with petition from the residents at Oti landfill site over what they called the poor handling of the site by KMA.

They are therefore serving notice to hit the streets of Asokwa and Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly to register their displeasure against especiallyAsokwa Municipal and KMA and to petition the Presidency through the Ministry of Local Government and Ministry of Environment and Sanitation to force KMA and Asokwa Municipal to manage the site well to avoid the bad odor.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Analyst of Asokwa Municipal Assembly,Mr.Joel Agumah has corroborated the New Trust Newspaper investigation.

According to him, the Assembly has been receiving daily petitions from the residents at Oti land fill site. “The people are suffering from the nuisance of the site and every day we receive complaints from the residents of bad odor as a result of the failure of the current manager to fumigate the site.

It is a serious challenge to us but the top management of Asokwa Municipal Assembly and KMA management is still in talks about the issue to enable gets a lasting solution to that.The residents’ complaint that for 3 years now no fumigation has been done by KMA to help reduce the bad odor”,he added.

The Municipal Environmental analyst has therefore appealed to the leadership of the two assemblies to fast track the process to help address the current challenge confronting the residents.He said any outbreak as a result of bad odor in the community would be devastating and hoped that a lasting solution is found.

Эльбасан купить кокаин, амф бошка меф и ск KMA sets record straight on Oti landfill site

Sources within Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA )has debunked the claimed by the aggrieved residents of Oti landfill site area that KMA has for the past 3 years failed to fumigate the area . According to one of the source, the Assembly members of KMA about a year ago led  the crusade to ensure fumigation of the area therefore the assertion that, they have not embarked on fumigation for 3 years  now is not true. The source said there was more to it than the threat by the residents to demonstrate against KMA.

“They should know that, the landfill site lease is in the name of KMA.Moreover, as at now Asokwa Municipality does not have Waste management department to manage the site if they are calling on KMA to release or transfer the site to the newly created Asokwa municipality to manage it. The source therefore advices people behind the agitation to stop and allow due process to work as far as issues of that nature was concerned. The need to maintain cordial relationship with KMA and other Assemblies cannot be overemphasized so let’s all avoid inflammatory comments and decisions”.

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