The Mamponteng Traditional Council under the auspices of Nana Saasi AyeboafoII, has installed Mr. Warren Staley and Mrs Mary-Lynn Staley, American philanthropists as the Development Chief (Nkosuohene) and Development queen mother (Nkosuohemaa) respectively for Mamponteng in a glamorous traditional ceremony at Our Lady of Grace Senior High School (OLAG) in the Kwabre East municipality of the Ashanti Region.
Mr. Warren Staley is now addressed as Nana Adu Boahen II, Development Chief (Nkosuohene) of Mamponteng while his bed-mate, Mrs Mary-Lynn Staley is now addressed as Nana Kyeiwaall at Mamponteng Traditional Area.
This according to Nana Saasi Ayeboafo II, Chief of Mamponteng, is to appreciate the effort and enviable contributions of Mr. Waren and his wife to the overwhelming development of the area, particularly the construction of an ultramodern school of international standard; the Our Lady of Grace Senior High School (OLAG) – Mamponteng.
Nana Saasi Ayeboafo II in his address said, “this gathering is in honour of the new Nkosuohene, Nana Adu Boahen II and his wife Marylyn Staley for their role in the development of his community and beyond.
“Mr. Warren Staley and his wife Mrs. Marylyn Staley are Americans who have contributed immensely towards the development of my community, the Municipality, the Region and the country as a whole. They brought education, and education is the key to success.
When I was enstooled as the Chief of Mamponteng, I came to meet this magnificent school called Our Lady of Grace Senior High School and to my amazement, it was put up by a single American by name Warren Staley and his wife”, he recounted.
He continued that, the installation of Mr. Warren is to commend and appreciate his efforts and to encourage him to do more in accordance with an Akan adage which states “the one who does good things need support and commendations “so I decided to honor them for the good work done. So I summoned my elders to see how best we can honor this man and his wife so that they will continue to do more for the community”,
“We all are witnesses to this school; the infrastructures, the beautiful compound and the environment that can be compared to even a university. I am privileged and proud to be the Chief of this community where the project of this kind is being situated. I will also use this opportunity to say a big thank to the Roman Catholic Church of Mamponteng and I invite all the honourable members present and the entire gathering to join me to say ayekoo to my newly installed Nkosuohene, Mr. Warren now Nana Adu Boahene II, Nkosuohene” he said.
Nana AduBoahen II on the other hand expressed his profound gratitude to the Chiefs and people of Mamponteng for the great honor done him and his wife and pledged to continue their philanthropic initiatives and assume his role as the Chief of development for the area.
A lot of dignitaries including; Dr Osei Adutwum, the deputy minister of Education, Hon Owuraku Aidoo who doubles as the Member of parliament for AfigyaKwabre and a deputy Minister of Energy, Rev Father Sylvester Frimpong, the local manager of OLAG and other dignitaries were present at the ceremony.

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